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Rack Mounted Battery

Rack Mounted Battery

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LiFeP04 Power Rack mounted battery is tailored for solar energy storage and is a new generation of green energy with advantages of high energy density, ultra long life cycle, well managed temperature properties, excellent safety properties, high reliability, suitable for large scale stations and residential energy storage systems.

Key Characteristics:

  • Available in 5.12KwH, 7.68KwH, 10.24KwH, expandable capability, parallel support.
  • Suitable for both off-grid and hybrid inverters and excellent protocol matching 
  • Communication port RS232/RS485/CAN
  • LCD display, showing battery voltage, SOC/SOH status and working status of each cell.
  • Easy installation
  • Remotely monitored by Bluetooth/WiFi / GSM systems and managed by APP to check the battery working status.
  • Cycles: More than 6000 cycle life with 80% DOD
  • Design Life: >10 years @25C
  • Certificates: CE, TüV, RoHS, IEC62619, UN38.3, MSDS

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