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KonkaEnergy POWERSUN MODEL-H Battery

KonkaEnergy POWERSUN MODEL-H Battery

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Compared with the traditional Higher-voltage battery, the Powersun Model-H has many advantages. The single module is of a smaller size and weight. Furthermore the standard module is stacked for easy installation. Through a reliable BMS (Battery Managment System) and high performance equalization technoloy, the whole system is intelligent and flexible.

Key characteristics:

  • Safe and reliable performance wih Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cell.
  • Flexible investment with 3.072KwH modular design, scalable from 12.2KwH to 21.5KwH.
  • 100% Depth of discharge (DoD)
  • More usable energy with pack level energy optimization
  • Compatible with both single & three phase off grid/hybrid inverter.
  • Faulty battery module auto isolates in order to keep system operating.


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