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5.015MWH 20 Feet BESS Container, Liquid Cooling

5.015MWH 20 Feet BESS Container, Liquid Cooling

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This new system 5.015MWH BESS is based on lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) and power conversion technology, KonkaEnergy designed the modular containerized battery energy storage system (BESS),which was successfully used in many scenarios, such as frequency regulation of  power plant, peak shifting of user side, and micro grid application with wind power & solar power.

Key Features:

  • · Standardized design, modular assembly, flexible capacity configuration.
  •   Intelligent integrated management, battery module plug and play, simple and reliable operation and maintenance.
  • ·       High energy density, high system conversion rate, to ensure the maximum electricity consumption.
  • ·       The cascade protection mechanism of software and hardware combination, the comprehensive insulation monitoring algorithm, to ensure the system security.
  • ·       Fast response speed, support for instantaneous full power input and output.
  • ·       Advanced heat dissipation temperature control design, to ensure the working temperature consistency, prolong the service life.
  • ·       The self-developed BMS battery management system has a comprehensive battery management strategy and data analysis and supports the local backup and storage of data.
  • ·       Advanced active equalization algorithm, increase the depth of system use.
  • ·       With automatic calibration algorithm, automatic calibration correction system SOC.
  • ·       With the energy storage visualization platform to realize the full life cycle monitoring and recording of the battery system(optional).
  • ·       Compatible with Ethernet, RS485 and other communication interfaces and mainstream standard protocols, can also provide customized solutions.
  • ·       Support EMS scheduling and participate in the formation of the energy Internet.
  • ·       Supports SCADA software monitoring and WEB direct access control.
  • ·       Support system self-inspection and protection and provide remote upgrade service.
  • ·       With an intelligent cloud platform system, supporting cloud sharing, big data analysis and report statistics, analysis of operation status(optional).
  • ·       Integrated energy storage converter, integrated solution, reduce the field installation process, plug and play, fast station construction, convenient and efficient.

Application: Balancing to the grid.

Battery type LFP

Nominal power/capacity (minimum) : 5.015MWH

Compliance IEC62619:2022,IEC60730-1,EN62477-1:2012,EN61000-6-2,UN38.3


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